What is @PoliticsDirect?

By Eric Dillmann.

The @PoliticsDirect Party of Alberta is based on the principles of direct democracy. Direct democracy is a governance model in which citizens rather than representatives decide the laws and policies that govern them.

The three pillars on which the Party stands are:

Widespread Participation in the decision-making process by the people.
Rational Deliberation of the issues affecting people.
Equal Opportunity for all members of the public of having their views being considered.

Party Mission Statement

The Party strives to promote more openness and transparency between the people and their government. Also, demand a greater level of government’s accountability by eliminating the interference in the legislative and decision-making processes from partisanship and special interest groups.

Party Vision Statement

The Party envisions an enhanced political environment in Alberta and to enable an atmosphere of collaboration which will bring more prosperity and well-being to a larger number of Albertans.

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