We Are Looking For Volunteers

By Cameron Coleman.

@PoliticsDirect is currently looking for volunteers to help us in the next stage of becoming an officially recognized political party. We are looking for volunteers to help us gain enough signatures to become a recognized party in the provincial election next spring and to sign people up to vote on issues on our website. We are also looking to find engaged and enthusiastic MLA candidates that will represent the party in the election.

Volunteer with @PoliticsDirect and gain real-world experience that can boost your professional prospects and have a positive impact in shaping your future. Working with @PoliticsDirect will enable you to use your existing skills as well as enhance new skills you might want to develop.

By volunteering with @PoliticsDirect you will have the opportunity to make a difference at a local and provincial level. We will provide you with a chance to help shape the future direction of the province. Our volunteer positions offer the chance to become more engaged in their local community and provide a platform to get others involved all across Alberta.

Becoming involved with @PoliticsDirect is a chance to give back to the community and offers a chance for people to take on a role of civic responsibility and make contributions to something larger than themselves.

Let your love of giving back to the community thrive by becoming a volunteer and further develop your passion by becoming involved in something never tried before. Volunteering will provide you with a chance to engage with all Albertans from all walks of life. The connections you make with @PoliticsDirect can turn into relationships that last a lifetime.

If you would like to become a volunteer or an MLA candidate with @PoliticsDirect please join us at one of our information sessions at the Nicholl’s Family Library on Saturday mornings between 10-11:30am. You can find more information and updates about @PoliticsDirect by visiting our website at politicsdirect.ca and our social media channels.

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