@PoliticsDirect is looking for MLA candidates

By Cameron Coleman.

Becoming an MLA candidate for @PoliticsDirect

@PoliticsDirect is looking for engaging and enthusiastic MLA candidates to represent the party in the next provincial election. The party will be holding information sessions for potential MLA candidates every Saturday on an ongoing basis. Please check @PoliticsDirect’s website, social media channels and Indeed.ca ads to get the exact time and locations for upcoming information sessions.

As a new political party, @PoliticsDirect is unlike anything seen before in Alberta’s provincial political scene. The @PoliticsDirect party will bring the power of direct democracy to Alberta for the first time.

Direct democracy (or pure democracy) is a form of democracy in which people decide on policy initiatives directly. This differs from the majority of established democracies, which are representative democracies. Direct democracy is a governance model in which citizens rather than representatives decide the laws and policies that govern them.

@PoliticsDirect will be more democratic than existing political parties in Alberta because it puts the power back in the hands of everyday Albertans. We will have MLA candidates that always represent and reflect the wishes of every Albertan regardless of their background, location or political ideology.

All eligible voters will have the chance to vote on issues affecting their daily lives. They may choose to vote on the issues that are of interest to them, and all votes will be weighed evenly – from citizen to MLA.

There are 87 ridings and MLA representatives in the Alberta Legislature. The @PoliticsDirect party plans to have candidates running in all 87 ridings during the next provincial election. To be eligible in becoming an MLA candidate a person must be a Canadian citizen older than 18 who has lived in Alberta for at least six months before the election.

With @PoliticsDirect Albertans will be better informed about their political choices at a provincial level. They will know what issues are being debated, have access to resources allowing them to make informed political decisions and have a direct impact on the future direction of the province.

By placing power directly in the hands of voters, referendums can be the most effective way to ensure that political decisions are responsible in reflecting the wishes of the people. All votes are conducted on a per riding basis with the results from each riding forwarded to the party Executive for total riding consolidation.

All ridings will use an independent vote that must be followed by each MLA both for forwarding to the Executive for consolidation but also for that MLA’s stance on each issue in that riding.

MLA’s representing @PoliticsDirect are required to support the wishes of voters after an issue has been voted on. An @PoliticsDirect MLA must be willing to leave their own political ideology and/or political biases on the sidelines in favor of the public political will as determined by the voting results for each specific issue.

As @PoliticsDirect becomes an officially registered political party, we will select persons to endorse as official candidates after holding nomination contests for each riding. Nomination contestants are persons who seek to be selected and endorsed as an official candidate for the party in an electoral division.  We will also be conducting a party leadership contest to select a leader.

@PoliticsDirect is looking for potential candidates who have excellent attention to detail and knowledge about political issues at a local and provincial level. Candidates must have the ability to work under pressure and be able to think critically. We are looking for people who have strong personal organization and time management skills. Ideally, each candidate will have expertise and ease of use on social media platforms and websites. Our candidates must have good communication skills and strong interpersonal skills are a must.

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