Anti-Crime Manifesto

By Richard Patterson.

Here at @PoliticsDirect we are working towards a societal change in the way crime is viewed and dealt with. Albertans are particularly concerned by how crime affects our families and communities.

Crime erodes societal values and undermines legitimate economic activity. Criminal activity of all kinds gives to the individuals who engage in this type of behavior a distorted idea of social coexistence. Therefore we declare that in order to combat crime we Albertans:

– Need to uphold higher societal and moral values.
– Need to work harder to create an equitable and just working environment where Albertans can find meaningful employment opportunities and just remuneration.
– Need to better prepare our youth, in our schools and in our homes, for the rigors of advanced education, work and civic life.
– Need adults to demonstrate real leadership with our rhetoric, actions and meanings.
– Need to create, within our legal and law enforcement systems, measurable responses based on the worth and circumstances of the crime where reparation for less severe crimes will be an option to monetary or incarceration punishment.

Starting today we Albertans must hold ourselves accountable for all that we do to make our society a better and safer place to be.

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