Do You Think Albertans Should Grow Recreational Marijuana at Home?

By Sue L. Blanchard.

Canada-wide legalization of marijuana on October 17 is stirring the “pot” for a host of Canadians. Medicinal users support the law, recreational users and growers love it, police hate it, and the provinces?

While legalization is a federal decision, provinces and territories can decide how they will adapt the legislation.

Federal legislation indicates adults will be allowed to grow up to four cannabis plants per household for personal use. But Alberta will not allow these plants to be grown outside the home in a backyard or garden where children and youth would have easy access.

Opponents of home-grown marijuana

When the province hosted public and stakeholder engagement from June to October 2017, Albertans who responded to research questions were split over the issue of home cultivation – some felt that growing cannabis at home, either inside or outside, would go directly against the policy objective of keeping cannabis out of the hands of children and youth, giving them easy access.

They also expressed concern about the levels of moisture and mold that may occur, particularly in rental or multi-family dwellings.

Proponents of home-grown marijuana

Others felt that growing cannabis was simply like growing any other plant at home, noting that it is not psychoactive until it is dried, and that homeowners need to take proper precautions for securing the plants and using good growing practices to avoid mold in the home, as they would be expected to do with any type of indoor plant.

They also said that four plants per household is “nothing.” Colorado allows six plants per home and Denver limits homes to 12 plants.

What do you think?

Should marijuana legislation allow Albertans to grow marijuana at home for recreational use?

Strongly Agree – We should allow those people who want to grow the legislated 4 plants per person.

Agree – I agree that Albertans should have the right to grow up to 4 plants in their home after legalization as it would be no different from those who distill their own wine.

Unsure – I do not have an opinion on this.

Disagree – No. It should only be sold in locations that are properly supervised by law enforcement. Home growing will be too difficult to police.

Strongly Disagree – No. We have too many drug addictions already because of relaxed rules and penalties with both street and prescription drugs.

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